Houston Healthcare EMS Announces New Supervisors

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Wednesday, May 15th, 2024

Houston Healthcare’s Emergency Medical Services
(EMS) is pleased to announce that paramedics Quinton Head, Keith Williams, and Patrick Bullis
have been promoted to the position of Houston Healthcare EMS supervisors.
The EMS supervisor’s role is to direct and coordinate all activities concerned with Emergency
Medical and Transport Services. Those responsibilities include, but are not limited to, scene
safety and patient safety, all aspects of Emergency Medical procedures and protocols, all aspects
of EMS vehicles, all aspects of 911 and rescue equipment such as defibrillators, immobilization
devices, extrication, and airway management. In addition, the EMS supervisors work closely
with local police, fire departments, and other neighboring EMS services to enhance the overall
working relationship in the field.
“In an ever-changing EMS landscape, I am confident that this new leadership team will bring
exciting energy and innovative ideas to meet the unique challenges faced by today’s healthcare
first responders,” says David Borghelli, director, Houston Healthcare Emergency Medical
Paramedic Quinton Head possesses an extensive and diverse healthcare work background that
spans more than three decades. Throughout his career, Quentin has held leadership roles where
he has demonstrated exceptional management and organizational skills. His involvement in
community outreach projects and his service as a "SWAT Medic" for local law enforcement
partners underscore his commitment to promoting EMS and ensuring the safety and well-being
of the Houston County community. Quinton’s contributions have been acknowledged through
numerous accolades, including being selected as the 2023 Houston Healthcare Clinical

Employee of the Quarter and receiving the 2024 Georgia Office of EMS and Trauma - Region 5
Counsel Provider of the Year award.
Keith Williams is a seasoned paramedic with many years of experience in Emergency Medical
Services and in Emergency Departments. His competence with shift operation and employee
compliance was demonstrated by his several years of experience as a shift supervisor with other
EMS services. His achievement of graduating top of his class in paramedic school and his
exemplary dedication, leadership, and outstanding commitment to his role at Houston Healthcare
EMS will no doubt contribute to success in his new position.
Patrick Bullis’ unwavering commitment to excellence, compassion, and leadership has made a
resounding impact on Houston Healthcare and the communities it serves. Patrick has consistently
displayed unwavering dedication and leadership, as evidenced by his proactive involvement in
various roles within EMS. In addition to his patient care role as a paramedic, Patrick has
demonstrated his extensive leadership abilities as Director of Education and Training for a large
multi-jurisdictional EMS agency. His development of the Georgia Office of EMS advanced
transport ventilator TRAIN course has been positively recognized state-wide.
Houston Healthcare’s Emergency Medical Services is hiring for several EMS positions. Houston
Healthcare offers rewarding opportunities for EMS team members including: loan forgiveness,
employee referral incentives, generous benefits, and a supportive team. Job seekers may apply
online at www.hhc.org/careers. For more information about Houston Healthcare’s EMS
Department, visit www.hhc.org/services/emergency-medical-services/ .