Schneider Electric Supports Cities Through GMA Participation

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Wednesday, April 10th, 2024

The Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) announced that Schneider Electric continues to demonstrate its commitment to Georgia’s 536 cities as a 2024 GMA Business Alliance Program (BAP) participating company. The BAP connects companies with municipal leaders to share knowledge and expertise to strengthen Georgia's cities and support the mission of GMA.

Local government leaders across Georgia consistently choose Schneider Electric as their trusted partner for infrastructure modernization projects. Last year, Schneider partnered with the City of Canton to implement a turnkey solution through our outcome-driven partnership. This project will break the city’s cycle of deferred maintenance and  accelerate the achievement of sustainability goals while maximizing the use of public funds. As a result of this partnership, Canton will preserve and modernize the historic, 100+ year old city hall & public safety complex, develop & adopt a formal sustainability plan, and expand their solar footprint with rooftop solar at city hall & solar displays in city parks.

“When your city is as committed to historic preservation as the City of Canton is, it is important to find a partner that can marry the conveniences of energy today with the beauty and style of yesteryears.  We appreciate the innovative approaches Schneider Electric brings to making our facilities more efficient and impacting the bottom line--something all taxpayers can agree on.” – Billy Peppers, City of Canton, City Manager

"The participating companies in GMA’s Business Alliance Program provide our municipal members with additional resources and information to help them achieve the best possible outcomes. They also support GMA’s ability to provide services for all member cities," said GMA CEO and Executive Director Larry Hanson. "We value the commitment and expertise that Schneider Electricand other companies bring to Georgia cities and our organization."