I-16/I-75 Interchange Improvement Project Updates

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Tuesday, April 9th, 2024

Contractors for the Georgia Dept. of Transportation (GDOT) will continue construction activities related to the I-16/I-75 Interchange Improvement Project next week in Macon-Bibb.  Weather and on-site conditions permitting, the scheduled activities beginning Friday, April 5 - Friday, April 12,  2024, are listed below.
Lane Closures, Traffic Shifts:    
Mon. April 8 through Fri. April 12, 9 p.m. until 5 a.m.

  • Nightly lane closures in left lane on I-16 westbound between Coliseum Drive/Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and the I-16/I-75 interchange. Traffic will also be paced to slower speeds on Riverside Drive from Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard to Spring Street and on Second Street from Walnut Street to Emery Highway.   

  • Nightly lane closures on I-75 northbound in right lane between Mercer University Drive/Little Richard Penniman Boulevard and Forsyth St/Hardeman Avenue.

Ongoing, Long-term Closures:

  • Webb Street will be closed to traffic while crews work on concrete pavement at Walnut Street.  Traffic will be detoured to Hudson Street and Orchard Avenue during the closure. On-site signage will advise drivers of the closure and detour.

  • The far right lane of I-75 northbound at the Georgia 19/Georgia Avenue exit (exit 164) is closed to traffic for several months.

  • Spring Street's far right lane at the I-16 westbound on-ramp as well as the right-hand on-ramp to I-16 westbound are both closed for several months; the Spring Street on-ramp to I-16 westbound has been relocated to the far left lane.

Construction Activities for April 5-12, weather and on-site conditions permitting:
Phases 4 and 5: from I-16 westbound/I-75 to Walnut Creek

  • Continue construction of bridge substructures and superstructures for I-16 Spring Street entrance and exit ramps.

  • Continue construction of new Second Street bridge substructure.

  • Continue construction of one new I-16 westbound bridge substructure and two superstructures.

  • Continue construction of two new I-16 eastbound bridge substructures

  • Pouring bridge deck spans and edge beams on new I-16 eastbound bridge superstructure.

  • Continue construction of two new I-16 westbound entrance ramps.

  • Continue demolition of bridge ramp to I-16 eastbound.

  • Continue construction of new MSE (retaining) walls along I-75 northbound and southbound and other walls throughout the project.

  • Installing pipe and other drainage structures throughout the project area.

Phase 2 and 3:  I-75 from Hardeman Avenue to I-16 eastbound

  • Continue construction of Riverside Bridge approaches, roadway and lighting.  

  • Continue construction of the Walnut Street bridge, lighting and guardrail over I-75.  

  • Completed construction of the superstructure for two of the new I-75 northbound and southbound bridges.

  • Continue demolition and removal of the existing I-16 westbound and I-75 northbound and southbound bridges.

  • Construction of MSE (retaining) walls along I-75 northbound and southbound and at other locations throughout the project continues.

  • Construction of concrete sound and visual walls along I-75 northbound and southbound continues.

  • Continue demolition of the existing pavement on the left lanes of I-75 northbound from Hardeman Avenue to north of the Riverside Bridge.  

  • Continue concrete paving for new I-75 northbound and southbound roadways, and new I-75 southbound ramp to new I-16 eastbound.

Phase 1: I-16 from the I-16/ I-75 split to the Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard exit.

  • Evaluating project area for remaining work items.  

The I-16/I-75 Interchange Improvement Project is a $500 million safety and mobility megaproject. With its massive scope to widen and reconstruct I-16, I-75 and their interchange in Macon-Bibb, this project is being delivered in seven design and construction phases that will continue through 2030.  When complete, new CD lanes, additional interstate lanes, new interstate on-and off-ramps, upgrades to 11 bridges, new walls, upgraded drainage systems, etc., will deliver safer and improved mobility for Macon-Bibb’s local commuters and businesses, regional travelers and commercial freight from the Georgia southern coast to destinations within the state and throughout the U.S.