The 1975 Transportation Group Emerges from Broadleaf Trucking and Sexton Farms Merger

Staff Report

Friday, February 16th, 2024

Two industry giants, Broadleaf Trucking and Sexton Farms, have joined forces to create a powerful new entity, The 1975 Transportation Group. This merger marks a significant milestone in the world of transportation, solidifying 1975 as the leading resource for transportation and logistics in the Southern United States.

The flagship transportation companies, Broadleaf Trucking and Sexton Farms have each long been renowned in South Georgia for their unparalleled level of service to their clients, and for their unique company work culture. Steeped in tradition and South Georgia roots, the two companies came together in May of 2023 to join forces. Generational companies of their own, one based in Moultrie, GA one based in Camilla, GA, the culmination was the perfect fit. Interestingly enough, Broadleaf Trucking was first incorporated in 1975 by Gerald and Angie Taylor as a seasonal trucking company hauling tobacco. In 1999, Broadleaf transformed into a full-service trucking firm specializing in the transportation of furniture and other dry goods. It just so happens that in 1975, Wade and Warren Sexton also hauled their first load of chicken for Cagle’s as a one-truck operation. Since then, Sexton Farms quickly grew into the premier refrigerated transportation company in South Georgia. In a nod to their generational roots, the brand chose to celebrate the merger with a reflection of a Tobacco leaf in the company logo, and of course, the year that started it all, a pivotal year for both companies, 1975.  

Brett Phillips, President / CEO of The 1975 Transportation Group, expressed his excitement about the merger, saying, "This merger represents a transformative moment in our industry. The combined strengths of Broadleaf Trucking and Sexton Farms, under the banner of The 1975 Transportation Group, will enable us to serve our clients better than ever before." 

Paving the way for a brighter transportation future, The 1975 Transportation Group is proud to solidify its establishment as the premier trucking transportation carrier by way of the merger. With a track record of unparalleled service, the company is dedicated to delivering results for its clients and stakeholders, setting new standards for reliability, safety, and efficiency in the industry. The 1975 Transportation Group provides nationwide transportation services for key stakeholders such as Tyson Foods, Wayne Sanderson Farms, and more. Their dedication to safe, reliable, and sanitary transportation services ensures that deliveries are made on time, every time – and the company is focused on delivering excellence in every facet of its operations. 

Phillip Taylor, Chairman of the Board of Directors, commented, "We are proud to lead this new era in transportation. The 1975 Transportation Group is dedicated to setting the standard for excellence in the South, and we look forward to delivering superior transportation and logistics solutions to our valued clients."

One of the cornerstones of The 1975 Transportation Group's success is its robust fleet, consisting of 107 company trucks and 12 owner-operators. This extensive fleet ensures that the company can meet the demands of its clients efficiently and effectively, no matter the scale or complexity of the transportation task at hand.

But what truly sets The 1975 Transportation Group apart is its unwavering commitment to its employees, particularly its drivers. The company has cultivated a unique company culture that celebrates its most asset: its drivers. By recognizing the dedication and hard work of its drivers, 1975 fosters an environment of teamwork, respect, and appreciation that enhances every aspect of its operations. 

Steadman Taylor, Vice President of The 1975 Transportation Group, added, "Our commitment to our drivers is at the heart of our success. We believe in trucking differently, and it starts with creating a culture that values and supports our drivers in every way possible."

The merger of Broadleaf Trucking and Sexton Farms into The 1975 Transportation Group promises to reshape the landscape of transportation and logistics in the South. Clients can expect a higher level of service, reliability, and dedication as this new industry leader expands upon its roots and takes its place at the forefront of the market.

For more information about The 1975 Transportation Group and its services, please visit or contact (229) 985-1248.