Gas South’s $1M Commitment to the Fostering Success Act, Inc. Ensures Georgia's Foster Youth Aren't Forgotten

Staff Report

Thursday, December 21st, 2023

Leading natural gas provider Gas South is dedicating $1 million to Fostering Success Act, Inc., a visionary initiative that empowers every Georgian, including businesses, to redirect a portion of their state income tax toward the critical needs of foster youth.

“At Gas South, we care deeply about our customers and their communities,” said Kevin Greiner, President and CEO of Gas South. “One of the ways we show that commitment is by giving back 5% of profits to support children in need each year. And now thanks to Fostering Success Act Inc., we’re putting our tax dollars to work to help Georgia’s most vulnerable youth who need access to education and basic life necessities.”

Recognizing that communities thrive when children are well-supported and given opportunities to reach their full potential, Gas South focuses its charitable giving on groups that address basic needs and positive pathways for children.

Annually, over 700 youth in the state age out of Georgia's foster care system without any financial or emotional support. As a result, 80% won’t obtain a high school degree. Eighty percent of boys are likely to spend time in jail for crimes committed primarily in an attempt to survive. And 70% of girls will be pregnant in two years – 60% will become homeless within the same time frame.

But it’s not just companies like Gas South who can take part in the success of foster children. As the year draws to a close, all taxpayers in the state have a unique opportunity to make an impact by directing a portion of their state income tax refunds toward this effort. 

Fostering Success Act Inc. assists taxpayers in Georgia with submitting requests to the state and ensures that funds are distributed to qualified charitable organizations that address the direct needs of foster youth. These funds provide housing, food, transportation, and educational aid at pivotal moments in the lives of these young people.

Jackson Healthcare Chairman and CEO Rick Jackson established Fostering Success Act Inc. soon after the state legislature passed the Fostering Success Act in 2022, which established a donation credit program that we can all take part in.

“I know first-hand the uphill battles foster children face because I spent my teenager years in Georgia’s foster care system,” Jackson said. “Too many Georgia foster children don’t have the basic support needed to achieve a life of stability and success. We’re incredibly grateful to Gas South for this historic investment. I know it will have a life-changing impact on the lives of Georgia’s foster youth.”