Flint Energies Accelerates 2020 Load Management Rebate

Staff Report From Middle Georgia CEO

Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

Flint Energies has accelerated the 2020 Smart Select load management rebates to all qualifying members in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Beginning this month, a $25 bill credit will show on each Smart Select volunteer’s energy bill as a separate line item. This rebate to members totals approximately $352,500.

“Typically, participating members receive the rebate each fall after the successful operation of the summer load management season.  The program reduces overall demand for electricity and generates current and future savings for their non-profit member-owned cooperative,” states Marian McLemore, Flint’s VP of Cooperative Communications.

Flint recognizes the economic fallout from COVID-19 on local families and businesses. To lessen the financial impact on Co-op members, Flint is making the load management rebates now, rather than wait until fall.

Smart Select is a voluntary program designed to reduce peak electric demand, which is a major component in determining Flint’s electric rates. The program works through switches placed on air conditioners, irrigation wells, water heaters and pool pumps that are operated to temporarily reduce electric use during peak periods, when electric costs are at their highest.

Members who participate in Smart Select allow the Cooperative to attach a load control switch to their qualifying device and receive a $36 credit upon installation.  Typically, after successful operation of load management in the summer, participating members receive an additional $25 rebate each fall.

“By reducing peak demand, Smart Select members are also helping the environment by reducing the to the need to generate electricity,” says McLemore. “This further reduces the need to build new power plants. In addition, Smart Select participants are ensuring system reliability by reducing the chance of blackouts.”

By participating in this voluntary program, residential members will save themselves and Flint Energies money on future power purchases. Flint members who do not currently participate in the Smart Select program may enroll by call 1-866-988-3902 or by emailing [email protected].