Chamber Leading Milledgeville-Baldwin County Recovery & Resiliency Task Force

Staff Report From Middle Georgia CEO

Monday, May 4th, 2020

The MIlledgeville-Baldwin County Chamber announces the formation of the Milledgeville-Baldwin County Recovery & Resiliency Task Force, executed by local businesses and organizations throughout the community. The task force is leading the charge for economic recovery in our region by leveraging local partners to develop strategies, provide insights and bolster growth and sustainability of the local economy.

The task force will be comprised of five committees: Rehire/Retrain, Resiliency, Small Business, Policy & Regulatory, and Chamber of Tomorrow. These committees will be led by individuals from local business sectors, including education, government, hospitality, tourism, law, finance, and business. Each committee will oversee the implementation of solutions relevant to their field of focus. The Milledgeville-Baldwin County Chamber whole-heartedly supports free enterprise and looks forward to moving ahead in solidarity to begin this recovery process for our community.