Departments, Offices Alter Hours & Schedules to Protect Health of Employees & Community

Staff Report From Middle Georgia CEO

Monday, March 30th, 2020

The deadline for business licenses has been extended to May 6.

Commission Meetings are closed to the public, but will be simultaneously broadcast at and

Courts and trials are being rescheduled, and courts are providing alternate ways in which to access their services.

The Tax Commissioner’s Office is drive-through and online only.

County Extension classes and 4H programs have been canceled.

The deadline for business licenses has been extended to May 6.

No longer be accepting walk-in customers for Alcohol / Business Licensing and Construction Permitting.

Customers may enter the front reception foyer area only and drop applications in bins signed as either “Alcohol / Business Licensing” or “Construction Permitting.” The customer must immediately leave the building to avoid creating a choke point within the entrance to our office and to provide the CDC recommended social distancing between customers and staff.

Complaints to Property Maintenance or Construction Permitting will be handled by email or phone. We will cease meeting with customers in the building to resolve complaints.

Applications for Alcohol / Business Licensing will be processed daily and the customers will have their new licenses mailed within two weeks. Our staff will offer expedited emergency processing for special cases involving dual renewals between Macon-Bibb County and other state or federal agencies, or for other hardships.

Construction Permitting will notify the applicant when their process has been completed and the customer can return to pick up their permit and/or approved plans at the front entrance only. All Certificates of Occupancy will be mailed or sent as a scanned PDF electronically to the customer to minimize contact.

All departmental meetings with the public will be canceled to minimize contact. Meetings may occur by phone or other internet-based options.

Construction inspections will continue, with the following exception: Interior residential inspections within occupied homes will be pushed back until after this emergency has been lifted. Other construction inspections will occur within CDC guidelines, which are evolving to meet this emergency. On the jobsite, customers are requested to maintain social distancing. Construction Inspectors safety is paramount, with the Construction Inspector reserving the right to decline the inspection if their individual health and safety is seen to be compromised by the customer.

The criminal division (issuing warrants, first appearances, and bonds) remains operational.

Service of process has been suspended due to concerns about deputies going into houses.

Dispossessory court cases have been postponed, and other scheduled cases are being rescheduled. Cases that couldn’t be rescheduled will be held one at a time in the courtroom.

Taking online and limited in-person filings.

L.E.C. court on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays if there were any arrests.

All other court cases are being rescheduled.

The offices are closed to the public.

Jury trials are cancelled for the weeks of April 6 and 13. The Civil Calendar Call, the Criminal Motion Days, and the Criminal Pre-trial Conference Day for those trial weeks are also cancelled.

“Friday Court” is cancelled for March 20, March 27, April 3, and April 10. The make-up dates are May 18, 19, 20, and 21. On these days, we will have arraignment calendars at 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM. On the make-up days, we will not have contract defense lawyers present. We will handle all pro-se pleas on those days. For defendants, who request an attorney, we will assign an attorney, and we will coordinate with contract counsel regarding when they will see these defendants.

NJT’s from the cancelled Fridays will be spread out over new Friday dates after April 10. We have asked the Solicitor General to assign those to new dates.

We will continue to have jail court on Tuesdays at 7:45 AM (at the LEC), and we will add a jail court on Fridays at 9:00 AM (at the Courthouse).

People arrested on most misdemeanors in the next 30 days (and those currently held) will be released on OR Bonds. We are finalizing a list of charges which do not qualify for the OR Bonds.

Swift, Certain, and Fair Court will be held on March 24 and April 14.

State Court Probationers will be assigned a date after April 15 for their next report date. They are expected to continue making payments. On a case by case basis, Probation Officers may require probationers under the age of 60 to continue to report.

Tele-work options will be explored for as many employees as feasible.

In person civil hearings will not be held for the next 30 days, unless there is a specific need or requirement to do so.

Criminal hearings and NJT’s will be reset.

Any Probation Rules and Report Backs set for April 2, should be moved to May 7.

Victim Witness Services will continue on a rotating basis with some advocates telecommuting from home until further notice. Also, the staff that is assigned to come into work one hour later and one hour early to reduce the risk factors.

Each advocate has been assigned a laptop and cell phone to stay connected with needed information at to provide effective notifications.

We implemented the following to continue providing services to victims under these changed circumstances.

Victims are being notified of the status of their case in light of the Statewide Judicial Emergency by phone calls, emails, and text messages.

Our office can still receive information from victims to ensure their opinions are heard because the office has an advocate available in the office at all times until further notice to provide information and get feedback from victims.

Indicate how websites and social media are being used to make victims aware of information (e.g. publishing court dockets on social media, providing links to sites that provide information about arrests and releases, providing list of referrals, etc.)

Referrals to community and other resources are still being provided to victims by referral letters, emails, fax, and phone calls.

Some of the remote community resources team, for us, are: Bibb County Sheriff Department and the Crisis Line and Safe House, Bibb County Health Department’s Office, Department of Family and Children Services, United Way of Central Georgia, and Disability Connections, of Macon GA.

People should use one of the four drive-thru lanes for property tax payments, solid waste payments, and tag renewals. (Driver’s license required.) The Tax Commissioner encourages people to have hand sanitizer in their car for use after handling anything that somebody else might have handled. 

People can make online payments at 

There are two tag renewal kiosks that can be used, but please maintain a six-foot distance from other people. One is at the Kroger on Tom Hill Senior Boulevard and the other is at Kroger on Hartley Bridge Road.

Tag renewals can also be done through the mail. Send your payment and renewal notice to the address below.

Payments can be made over the phone by calling 478-621-6500.

Payments can be dropped off after hours in a night deposit box in the first lane of our drive thru. Envelopes are available in the drawers above the drop box.