Historic Macon Announces 2018 Macon’s Fading Five

Staff Report From Middle Georgia CEO

Thursday, August 30th, 2018

On August 29, 2018, Historic Macon Foundation announced its fourth annual list of endangered historic places in Macon-Bibb County. The list, known as Macon’s Fading Five, was announced at the historic Fire Hall, No. 4 located at 950 Third Street.

The 2018 Macon’s Fading Five includes the Coal Chute, Train Recreation Center, Guy E. Paine House, Bobby Jones Performing Arts Center, and Cotton Avenue District. The Train Recreation Center, Guy E. Paine House, Bobby Jones Performing Arts Center, and Cotton Avenue District were included last year and remain on the list. The A.E. Barnes Duplexes were declared “lost” from 2017’s list since demolition is imminent.  HMF Executive Director, Ethiel Garlington, presented the new list and said, “despite the first loss on the Fading Five and the low turnover this year, we are encouraged by recent activity with all of these unique places in our community.  And we’re delighted to host the press conference in the Fire Hall, which has been nominated for the endangered list for several years.  HMF has once again demonstrated by acquiring the Fire Hall that we are a proactive organization who aligns preservation with progress.”

HMF’s preservation committee culled through 13 nominations from members and the general public to select 2018’s Fading Five. The board of trustees and preservation committee uses the Fading Five to create strategic preservation plans for each of the listed properties and works creatively with property owners, local leaders, and supporters to find solutions. Properties remain on the list until the place is no longer under threat or lost. A new list is announced annually with updates for each site.  Since inception, the program has helped save six out of eleven endangered properties with positive momentum for the others.  HMF remains creative and resourceful through a supportive and engaged community.  Thanks to the generosity of the 1772 Foundation and the Community Foundation of Central Georgia in 2017, HMF now has a revolving fund - Fading Five Fund - dedicated specifically to preserving endangered places in our community.  These funds have been used to revitalize houses in North Highlands and acquire the Fire Hall No. 4.
For over 50 years, HMF has preserved hundreds of historic buildings in Macon-Bibb County and the Fading Five is an innovative tool to help promote the community’s rich and diverse heritage.