SHRM Georgia Joins Strategic HR Partners in Promoting Statewide Participation in a Compensation & Benefits Survey

Staff Report From Columbus CEO

Monday, June 25th, 2018

Charles Little President & CEO of Strategic HR Partners Employers Association announced that “SHRM Georgia has joined Strategic HR Partners in promoting statewide participation by all SHRM members and their companies as well as any company that wants to participate in a Compensation & Benefits Survey to improve Economic Development for the State of Georgia and Eastern Alabama. This is a joint Business venture that will be using the Pinpoint web based survey tool that has been used for more than 3 years.”

“We hope as SHRM Chapters in the State of Georgia you will distribute this information to your members/companies and encourage participation to show how the HR profession is Strategic in nature and can be a vital partner to improve Economic Development for The State of Georgia and East Alabama.

The 1st training class was held May 31st at Columbus State University for those companies that have not participated in years past to learn the job matching process, and job loading process. For those that couldn’t participate we will be setting up classes on line as well at locations throughout the State as companies sign up to participate. Please call contact [email protected] or call 706-561-2465 for more information.”