Aflac Improves Group Offerings this Open Enrollment Season

Staff Report From Columbus CEO

Friday, November 6th, 2015

Aflac, the leading provider of voluntary insurance at the work site in the United States, announced today the launch of its enhanced group critical illness plan – Group Critical Illness Advantage– as well as the following three new value-added services: Health Advocacy, Medical Bill Saver and Telemedicine. Just in time for open enrollment season, these new products and services will help Aflac continue to meet the evolving needs of its group customers.  

"This is the most significant enhancement Aflac has made to its group critical illness plan in more than five years and at the same time the company is providing a very competitive bundle of value-added services," said Dan Lebish, executive vice president, chief operating officer at Aflac Group. "These improvements demonstrate Aflac's dedication to helping customers reduce the financial risk and out-of-pocket costs associated with an unexpected illness or injury."

Aflac's Group Critical Illness Advantage plan has more covered conditions and benefits, no pre-existing conditions limitation, no maximum issue age, no reduction in benefits at age 70 and no 30-day waiting period. The plan also includes a Waiver of Premium Benefit as well as additional and reoccurrence benefits payable with six months between diagnosis dates. Plus, all coverage is HSA compatible.

New to the Group Critical Illness Advantage plan – and an industry first – is a feature known as the Building Benefit option, which automatically increases the benefit amount at each anniversary, with no change in premium or additional underwriting. This feature was developed as a way to reward customers for their long-term commitment to the company. 

Value-Added Services help address key health care challenges
Effective Jan. 1, 2016, any individual who is enrolled in an Aflac Group Critical Illness, Accident or Hospital Indemnity product will automatically be eligible for Aflac's bundle of new value-added services: Health Advocacy, Medical Bill Saver™ and Telemedicine. These programs are available at no additional cost and provide group certificate holders the following valuable services from the first day of coverage – even if the individual never files a claim:

  • Health Advocacy from Health Advocate: This 24-hour-a-day resource offers free access to a team of personal health advocates who provide expert assistance with navigating the complex health care and insurance systems. Services include but are not limited to: Helping individuals understand their coverage and costs of care, locating leading providers for second opinions, clarifying complex conditions, and researching available treatment options and assistance in resolving insurance claims.

  • Medical Bill Saver™ from Health Advocate: This service provides insureds access to a specialized negotiation team with the skills and resources to motivate providers to lower employees' uncovered medical bills. They leverage industry pricing data that could save employees hundreds, while also ensuring that providers are paid quickly.

  • Telemedicine from MeMD: This service connects certificate holders with a board-certified, U.S.-licensed medical provider online to receive personalized treatment, while offering a low-cost option to receiving medical care. When medically appropriate, MeMD's providers can submit an e-prescription to local pharmacies.

Health Advocacy and Medical Bill Saver™ are available to certificate holders as well as their spouses, children, parents and parents-in-law. Telemedicine is available to certificate holders as well as their spouses and children.

"Even if a customer is lucky enough to never file a claim, Aflac is still able to deliver value from day one by helping customers navigate the complex and ever-changing health care landscape we all face on a regular basis," added Lebish.

Protection designed to help minimize financial risk for employers and employees
Aflac understands that employers want to help protect their employees, while attracting and retaining talent – and keeping an eye on their bottom line. By offering three new services embedded in select Aflac group plans, employers can add more value to their benefits without adding to their budget — and do it all while helping their employees address key challenges they face today in health care, such as:

  • Navigating the complexity of the health care environment.

  • Reducing out-of-pocket expenses resulting from unexpected illnesses and injuries.

  • Finding low-cost options to combat rising medical costs and high-deductible health care plans, which also helps keep costs down for employers who self-fund their medical plans.