New Study Ranks Georgia Fifth for States with Biggest Urge to Move in 2024

Journo Research

Friday, January 26th, 2024

  • A new study has identified the states keenest to move house this year – with Georgia ranking fifth

  • The study analyzed Google searches around property and rental sites to reveal what locations are searching to relocate the most 

  • Georgia residents are looking to move the fifth most, searching 10% more than the typical American

  • An expert shares their advice on the benefits of using a storage unit to make your move run as smooth as possible  

New research has revealed which states are most likely to have moving on their 2024 bucket list, with Georgia proving to be the fifth most eager to relocate this year. 

The research, pulled together by online self-storage finder analyzed nationwide and regional Google search volume for keywords related to real-estate sites - such as Zillow and Trulia - over the last 12 months, to identify what states have the biggest desire to move. 

These searches were then compared against local populations to identify where reported the highest desire.  

Although the added financial pressure caused by the current economic situation might put some off moving, for others it might motivate them to take the plunge. A huge 476,050,700 Google searches were made for property and rental sites last year across the US. 

While the driving factor for this interest is unclear, it could reflect tenants’ desire for cheaper rent as landlords hike up fees, or the urge to get onto the property ladder.  

Whatever the reason, those in Georgia hope to move the fifth most. The state averaged 13,107 searches per 100k residents, which is 10% higher than the national average of 11,869 (per 100k residents).

Colorado takes the lead as the state most wanting to uproot, with 14,414 searches per 100k – a fifth (21%) higher than the US average. Florida follows in second searching 18% more than the typical American at 13,985 per 100k, and in third is Arizona at 13,782, which is still 16% above the national average.

The ten states most interested in moving


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North Carolina


Meanwhile, Alaska residents are the most comfortable in their current living situations, with only 6,025 searches per 100k, which is almost half (49% lower than) the national average. 

Behind Alaska as the second-least interested in relocating is Hawaii, as people search for real-estate websites 46% less than the average person, with 6,438 searches per 100k. 

Closely following in third is Mississippi with 6,671 monthly searches – which is two-fifths (44%) below the national average. 

The ten states happiest in their homes


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West Virginia


North Dakota




New Mexico


Interestingly, US searches for housing sites peaked in March last year at 44,698,660, which is 13% more than the monthly average of 39,670,892. This indicates this is the best time for sellers to list their property, as demand for new homes could rise again this year. 

However, Americans rounded 2023 off by showing the least amount of enthusiasm around the concept of moving, as searches dropped 20% below the average to 31,662,739. 

November didn’t appear to inspire much interest either, as the month recorded the second-lowest volume at 33,623,290, possibly suggesting that the excitement of the festive season drew the US’ attention away from searching for new homes. 

Commenting on the findings, Chuck Gordon, CEO of Storable, the parent company of says: “Now that the holiday period is over and Americans are settling back into their everyday routines without all the festivities, it’s likely those that were home hunting beforehand will return to it – and many others may start hunting if they set moving as a goal for 2024. 

“If the trend spotted last year repeats itself, prospective homeowners are going to increase their research for potential homes again in a couple of months, so there’s not too much time for budding sellers to get their property up to scratch and capitalize on the demand.  

“Finding the right place to live can seem like the biggest challenge of the process at the time, however it’s only the first hurdle. While it’s near impossible to remove all stress from a move, beginning packing as soon as things are in motion can seriously ease the headache. 

“You’ll be surprised how quickly time can creep on you, and suddenly you have most of your house to pack still. However, it can take weeks upon weeks before you receive a moving date – sometimes even months – and living amongst boxes can add to the sense of chaos. If you can, use a storage unit to hold non-essential items. 

“That way, there’s less loading and unloading to do on the big day. You can unpack and set up everything you need to use immediately, then add in the extras at your own pace, finding the right spot for them rather than just shoving them anywhere in a rush to feel sorted.”