Macon Named #1 Most Affordable City to Buy a Home

Staff Report

Monday, January 22nd, 2024

Macon, Georgia is the most affordable city in the United States to buy a home, according to a recent headline in the Daily Mail. The announcement came this week according to research from the U.S. Census Bureau and Altos Research, where “used an algorithm to find the most affordable cities in the country.” Ranking number one amongst a top ten listing of other cities was Macon, Georgia.

This headline reinforces what the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce has been promoting since 2022 with its talent recruitment platform. The comprehensive website coupled with a robust marketing strategy promotes Macon as an ideal place to call home because of its low cost of living and high-quality life. The site includes descriptions of neighborhoods, housing, healthcare, industry, career, and education opportunities. It also includes a dynamic cost of living calculator that compares Macon to other cities. The calculator produces costs comparison that shows everything from mortgage to housing to haircuts and pet care. Almost always, these items prove to be more affordable in Macon.

Of the other cities mentioned in the article, the other locations were Midwest towns.“ According to the findings, the average monthly cost of homeownership [in Macon, Georgia] equated to $1,892 with transportation costs making up the most of it with $1,021 per month.”

Taking the top spot amongst nine other U.S. cities, this article showcases how Macon is the most cost-efficient southern city for monthly mortgage payments.  

Based on statistics from, “monthly mortgage payments, property taxes, transportation expenses and home insurance costs in America’s 800 Census-recognized cities” shaped the determination of Macon, Georgia ranking number one amongst Detroit (MI), Toledo (OH), Syracuse (NY), Springfield (IL), Gary (IN), Flint (MI), Canton (OH), Lansing (MI), and Pontiac (MI). “With monthly mortgage payments equating to $870, insurance prices at $187 and property taxes of $94” [Macon] is the most affordable in the country.”

Also quoted, was last year in Macon, ‘The Heart of Georgia’, “a home in the area only costs buyers roughly 14 percent of their local wage.”

Macon has received recent press attention for being a top place to visit and live. Most recently, Macon piqued AARP’s listing of “8 Affordable U.S. Destinations for 2024” and Southern Living’s “12 Southern Trips We Can’t Wait to Plan”.

Anyone can access and the cost-of-living calculator found on the home page. The Greater Macon Chamber continues to promote Macon’s affordability as part of its Choose Macon initiative.

“With a high-quality life and low cost of living, it’s no surprise Macon tops this list,” said Lynn Farmer, Chief People Officer of the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce. “As a leading organization in recruitment of new residents, the Chamber’s initiative showcases Macon’s incredible affordability, accessible jobs and its other great qualities such as its central location, seasonal festivals, nightlife, outdoor activities and the opportunity to make your mark.”

She continues, “With this exciting recognition, I encourage anyone looking to relocate to explore Choose Macon’s extensive website, which includes a cost-of-living calculator, so that you can see for yourself why Macon is the most affordable place to call home.”

For more information, contact the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce at 478.621.2000 or visit For more on workforce initiatives like, contact Lynn Farmer at [email protected].