The Brokery Brings Unique Real Estate Expertise to Middle Georgia

Barbara Kieker

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

About two months ago, George Emami opened The Brokery, an independent boutique real-estate firm serving commercial, higher-end residential, and historically significant properties.  He brings 15 years of real-estate experience to Middle Georgia, having worked as a real estate agent, builder, and developer. 

"We hope to appeal to the higher-end, historic residential, and commercial market. While we know it’s a lot to take on, we believe that these are underserved sectors that will be emerging in Macon over the next 10 years.” Emami said.

"I've had the opportunity to restore several architecturally significant properties and older homes over my career. Macon has one of the most amazing portfolios of architecturally rich structures in the Southeast. Add an improving local economy, expanding healthcare and higher education sectors, and you have a boundless environment for additional investment and gentrification.” 

According to Emami, The Brokery is a member of both the Monroe-Forsyth and Greater Macon Chambers of Commerce. They are also supporters of both the Macon Historic Society and The Georgia Trust.  Both organizations work to preserve and revitalize historic resources in the state. Located in the historic Stanislaus Commons at 2607 Vineville, The Brokery's office reflects the firm's focus.  Built around 1879, the property was totally restored and repurposed as office suites in 2010. 

Two experienced brokers

The Brokery currently has two agents – Emami and Mindy Attaway – both of whom are very experienced.  Emami previously owned a real-estate franchise in Athens.  After moving to Macon to be closer to his wife's family two years ago, he managed Coldwell Banker SSK, Realtors.  Emami earned an MBA from University of Georgia in 2010 and is a 2014 graduate of the Macon Chamber’s Leadership Macon Program. Attaway has lived in Middle Georgia her whole life.  She has been actively selling property in Middle Georgia since 2006, and earned Rookie of the Year in 2007 from the Middle Georgia Board of Realtors. 

Currently, The Brokery has approximately 25 listings, a mix of residential, land, and commercial properties.  "We're getting a lot of good traction," Emami said.  "When we sit down with people to tell our story, we find people like the brand and vision, and subsequently, we are getting the business." 

Word about The Brokery appears to be spreading quickly.  The firm's Facebook page has a pretty significant following, recently hitting 500 likes. 

A social-media, data-driven approach to marketing

The Brokery is taking a different approach to marketing properties.  Traditionally, real estate marketing has largely focused on print advertising.  According to Emami, a large chunk of the marketing budget at The Brokery is focused on social-media advertising, such as paid promotions on Facebook, as well as data-driven direct marketing.

"For example, we recently paid for a list of prospects for a 20-unit apartment building for sale in Montezuma, Ga.  We targeted a particular income and owners of investment property in a precise price point in the area. Then we heavily targeted our marketing to that group rather than only running a newspaper ad or posting to the MLS, So far, the results of this approach have been remarkable." Emami said. 

"Our methodology is to use analytical data to make our marketing smarter.  It's very customized for each property we list." 

More information on The Brokery is available at or on Facebook at

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