Gifted & Talented Education Teachers Honored by Shah Family

Staff Report

Thursday, September 22nd, 2022

Fifty-four teachers of gifted and talented students from across the Houston County School District were recently honored as recipients of the Houston County Education Assistance Fund on behalf of Dr. and Mrs. Manoj Shah. Each teacher was presented with a classroom grant between $400 and $500, as well as a certificate in recognition of their enthusiasm, devotion and effectiveness in gifted, honors and advanced placement programs.

The honorees from the high school level are listed below.
Houston County High School ~ Daryl Leslie, Stacy McLean, and Lauren Nguyen
Northside High School ~ Douglas Crosby, Christi Johnson, and Patrick Murphy
Perry High School ~ Susan Bray, Courtney Herbert, and Lindsey Gentry
Veterans High School ~ Stacy Brunelle, Renee Douglas, and Li Ma
Warner Robins High School ~ Amanda Bone, Scott Daniel, and Mark Stevens

The honorees from the middle school level are listed below.
Bonaire Middle School ~ Dianne James and Diana Young
Feagin Mill Middle School ~ Sarah Draper and Mandy Medalis
Huntington Middle School ~Christopher Edwards and Leshan Ferguson
Mossy Creek Middle School ~ Jennifer Ham and Natalie Rainwater
Northside Middle School ~ Stephanie Hunczak and Shameka Watts
Perry Middle School ~ Samantha Arnold and Emily Nick
Thomson Middle School ~ Patricia Bolden and Curtis Martin
Warner Robins Middle School ~ Tony Floyd and Sara Terry

The honorees from the elementary school level are listed below.
Bonaire Elementary School ~ Francis Abbott
Bonaire Primary School~ Marcella Fern
C.B. Watson Primary~ Erin Flanders
Centerville Elementary School~ Jennifer Pritchard
David Perdue Elementary School~ Pricilla Woodard
David Perdue Primary School~ Dawn Hardy
Eagle Spring Elementary School~ Lynn Gunerman
Hilltop Elementary School~ Christa Franz
Kings Chapel Elementary School~ Tammy Hardy
Lake Joy Elementary School~ Melanie Turcotte
Lake Joy Primary School~ Christy Garland
Langston Road Elementary School~ Stephanie Wilson
Matt Arthur Elementary School~ Susie Hall
Miller Elementary School~ Edquader Marble
Morningside Elementary School~ Amy Hutchinson
Northside Elementary School~ Stacy Brown
Parkwood Elementary School~ Regina Trice
Pearl Stephens Elementary School~ Tammy Chiappetta
Quail Run Elementary School~ Melissa Martin
Russell Elementary School~ Amber Bowling
Shirley Hills Elementary School~ Jasmine Young
Tucker Elementary School~ Whitney Grisham
Westside Elementary School~ Michelle Feldmeier

After their children graduated from Warner Robins High School, Dr. and Mrs. Shah began the Houston County Education Assistance Fund because they were pleased with the education their children received while enrolled in Houston County. The family created the fund to support teachers who nurture and encourage innovation, creativity and student passion. The award began with Warner Robins High School and over time was extended to all five high schools. In 2017, the Shah family expanded their gift to include Houston County’s eight middle schools, and this year, Dr. Shah increased his donation to include one gifted teacher from each elementary school in the county.

“We can’t thank the Shah Family enough for their continued generosity and support for our Advanced Placement and Gifted Program,” said Olethia Thomas, Director of Gifted Education, Advanced Placement, and Fine Arts. “Our teachers who receive this funding are instrumental in our student’s success and growth. The use of these funds in the classroom will be beneficial to our students as our teachers continue to emphasize rigor, critical thinking, and problem-solving in their daily instruction.”

The gifted and talented education program in Houston County offers motivated students unique opportunities to further their education. From the sciences to humanities, dedicated teachers have been paramount in the success of these advanced classes. For more information on the Gifted and Talented Education program, please