Tripadvisor Reveals the Most Highly Recommended Experiences in the World for 2022

Staff Report

Friday, June 17th, 2022

As the summer travel season heats up to be the busiest since pre-pandemic years, and appetites for jet-set adventures soar, Tripadvisor, the world's largest travel guidance platform, today announces the next in its coveted Travelers' Choice Award series: The Best of the Best Things to Do. Revealing all the must-do activities in travel hotspots around the world, this accolade also includes hidden gems in off the beaten path locations: from Oahu's chilled-out North Shore to Reykjavik's foodie enclaves, and much more. As part of this next iteration of Travelers' Choice Awards, Tripadvisor outlines subcategories corresponding with the wants and needs of every traveler.

With high demand for travel, vacationers want to make up for lost time, desperately seeking those trips of a lifetime. The Travelers' Choice Awards are the ultimate resource of tried-and-true experiences, curated by travelers within Tripadvisor's community, ready to bring holiday itineraries to the next level.

An Elevated Way to Travel
Travelers across all ages indicated (60%) in a 2021 Tripadvisor survey that emerging from the pandemic they intend to book a local experience to get to know more about the destinations they plan to visit on their next trip, with interest rising further for millennial travelers*. Whether it's an adrenaline-pumping ATV tour through the red dunes of Dubai or a relaxing sunset cruise with a glass of local wine along the gorgeous Lisbon harbor, Tripadvisor has an unmatched inventory of over 300,000 bookable activities to help all travelers - from adventure lovers to beach bums - discover the best things to do.

To this end, Tripadvisor's second annual "Things to Do" Awards celebrate travelers' favorite experiences and the attractions they love to visit around the world. As priorities evolve for many travelers since the pandemic, vacations are much more than just booking a flight, selecting a hotel room and sitting poolside within a resort. It's the experiences travelers have on a trip that leave lasting impressions, frequently retold stories and unforgettable memories.

How does Tripadvisor determine the best?
For all Travelers' Choice Awards, Tripadvisor analyzes the authentic feedback from its community to identify and rank the best in travel. With over one billion reviews and opinions from real, global travelers, Tripadvisor has the authority and guidance on what to book to truly experience the best of a destination. The Travelers' Choice Best of the Best Things to Do Awards are based on the reviews and ratings of experiences, tours, attractions and activities over the past 12 months from Tripadvisor travelers, celebrating a vast array of travelers' most highly recommended activities of 2022. 

Tripadvisor is awarding top things to do in 11 subcategories, ranging from quintessential favorites like the best Food Experiences and Nature & Outdoor Activities to new and exciting areas like Pop Culture Tours and Bucket List Experiences. For the thrill seekers, Tripadvisor is also recognizing the Top Amusement & Water Parks and celebrating everyone's favorite Attractions.  

Kate Urquhart, General Manager, Experiences at Tripadvisor, says: "We hear from travelers year-round that the experiences and activities found on Tripadvisor are the highlights of their trips. Today, I'm thrilled to announce the winners of the 2022 Travelers' Choice Things to Do Awards, celebrating the past year's most amazing tours and activities. The awards bring well-deserved recognition to the hard-working and skilled tour operators who have managed to provide exceptional experiences to their guests while still navigating the pandemic. From a luxurious food-filled evening to a long-haul trek, there is something for every traveler on this list, and we know Tripadvisor offers an unparalleled platform to find and book things to do. So, check out this year's winners to discover the tours and activities travelers say you can't miss!"

Outdoor activities dominated the 2021 awards, and they made another strong showing this year, as beach and nature spots in Florida and Hawaii are home to the most U.S. winners. But city tours are increasingly popular this year as well, as travelers have begun gaining confidence to return to big tourist destinations.

Among all the different types of activities, the No. 1 Top Experience in the world for 2022 is an Amsterdam Open Boat Canal Cruise. This is a scenic cruise along Amsterdam's stunning canals that passes iconic spots like the Anne Frank House, the Jordaan, the Houseboat Museum, Leiden Square, Rijksmuseum, De Duif and much more. With nearly 10,000 reviews, this tour has travelers raving about its guides, as well as the accompanying wine and cheese.