Ryland Environmental to Begin Delivering Carts

Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

On Monday, November 29, Ryland Environmental will begin delivering new trash and recycling carts. Each resident will receive the number of carts they are currently paying for. The new carts are being delivered as part of the transition to Ryland taking over solid waste (garbage, recycling, yard debris, and bulk waste) collection in January 2022.

The area of the County Ryland is currently serving (the red area in the map below) should begin using the new red trash and blue recycling carts as soon as they are delivered. The old carts (green trash and blue recycling carts) will be collected by ADS/Waste Management on December 6, 13, 20, and 27, so people in this area should place the empty old carts on the curb each Sunday evening until they are all collected. Please make sure the old carts are empty.

If you live in the green portion of the County map below, DO NOT use the new Ryland carts until January 3, 2022. Your new carts will still be delivered throughout December, but ADS/WM will NOT collect any material from the red and blue Ryland carts.

To find out if you receive service from Ryland Environmental (and should immediately begin using the new carts) or from ADS/WM (and should not use the new carts until January), visit our online interactive map by clicking here and entering your address.