Macon-Bibb, Ryland Environmental to Provide Demonstration Regarding Yard, Bulk Waste Collections

Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Ryland Environmental is taking over solid waste collection services (trash, recycling, yard waste, & bulk waste) for all of Macon-Bibb in January 2022, and we want to make sure everyone knows how to properly dispose of yard and bulk waste ahead of that change.

Along with Ryland, Mayor Lester Miller and the Solid Waste Department are holding a press conference and demonstration at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, October 27, 2021, in the parking lot between the Recreation Department and Historic Luther Williams Field in Carolyn Crayton Park (formerly Central City Park). There will be examples of what to do and not to do with this type of material, and speakers will discuss the ongoing transition planning.

Media members are invited to attend the demonstration and conduct interviews. It will also be livestreamed for the public on Facebook (
Beginning January 1, 2022, solid waste services (collection of trash, recycling, yard waste, and bulk waste) will be managed by Ryland Environmental. A press conference was held on Wednesday, October 20 to discuss the details, and it can be watched by clicking here.

New trash and recycling carts will be delivered starting in December. Every household will get a new trash can, and if a house has a recycling cart, it will receive a new one.

Trash and recycling collection days will remain the same for most of the county. The southern part of the county currently being served by Ryland will have their collection day go back to Monday, which is what it was prior to this past summer. Yard & bulk waste collections will now be on the same day of the week as trash and recycling. In December, Macon-Bibb County will launch a new interactive map that will allow people to search their collection day by address.

Visit for additional information through this Solid Waste transition process. Throughout the transition, Macon-Bibb County will provide detailed information about collection services, including best practices, the rollout of a new interactive online route map, when people can expect the new cans, and more.