Middle Georgia Sees a Drop in Unemployment Rate and Increase in Employed in July

Thursday, September 16th, 2021

Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said Thursday that Middle Georgia saw a decrease in the unemployment rate over the month as the number of employed rose over 1,500 in July.    

"We are seeing positive labor market data across the state,” said Commissioner Butler. “The unemployment rate is down in every region, county, and metropolitan statistical area reflecting the strength of our state’s economy. Career opportunities remain high for job seekers as we continue to see rising jobs numbers in metro and rural areas throughout Georgia.”

In Middle Georgia, the unemployment rate was down one and four-tenths percentage points to 3.3 percent over the month. A year ago, the rate was 7.4 percent.

The labor force decreased in Middle Georgia by 1,648 and ended the month with 221,192. That number is up 7,488 when compared to July of 2020.

Middle Georgia finished the month with 213,904 employed residents.  That number increased by 1,525 over the month and is up by 16,012 when compared to the same time a year ago.

The number of unemployment claims went down by 36 percent in Middle Georgia in July. When compared to last July, claims were down by about 85 percent.

Employ Georgia, the GDOL’s online job listing service at employgeorgia.com showed about 4,558 active job postings in Middle Georgia for July.

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TABLES AND GRAPHS REFLECTING LABOR MARKET DATA ARE AVAILABLE AT  https://dol.georgia.gov/current-labor-force-data-and-graphs