Collaborative Partners Offer New Virtual Option for Pediatric Patients

Thursday, January 14th, 2021

When Charlotte-based Atrium Health and Macon, Ga.-based Navicent Health announced their strategic combination in January 2019, one primary objective of the partnership was to improve the depth and breadth of services offered to healthcare consumers in the Georgia market, particularly in the area of virtual care. At that time, the two health systems announced that Atrium Health would invest capital and work with Navicent Health’s clinical experts to enhance services, particularly implementing innovative treatment models like virtual care and telepsychiatry to create the next generation of behavioral healthcare for Georgians. In August, that goal became a reality when the partners introduced virtual behavioral health integration (vBHI) for adult patients. Now, the service is also available for pediatric patients. 

The vBHI program is now offered at Children’s Health, Navicent Health Physician Group, an outpatient pediatric clinic located at 744 First Street in Macon.

Young patients visiting Children’s Health who are in need of behavioral healthcare, may be referred directly to a behavioral health professional, in a non-stigmatic fashion, and participate in a real-time virtual care visit while at their pediatrician’s office with no need to make a second appointment or delay care. Through virtual health technology, the patient, parents or guardians, and their pediatrician in Georgia can consult with a behavioral healthcare provider in North Carolina, and receive a real-time assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan.

“As collaborative partners, one of our primary concerns has been the lack of behavioral health options for Georgians, particularly those under the age of 18. We treat a number of pediatric patients who need access to behavioral health services in order to achieve ultimate health and wellbeing. Atrium Health is renowned for their method of providing real time behavioral care in their outpatient clinics, and together we have successfully expanded this program to adults in Georgia. Now, we are delighted to offer this service to pediatric patients and their families,” said Tom Oliver, MD, acting President and CEO of Navicent Health.

In addition to the pediatric vBHI program provided at Children’s Health, vBHI is available to adults at the following clinics, with additional locations anticipated in 2021:

The addition of vBHI is one of a number of virtual health initiatives that Navicent Health and Atrium Health have implemented in order to dramatically improve access to high-quality, reasonably priced care as they fulfill their collective mission to improve health, elevate hope and advance healing- for all. The announcement of the pediatric vBHI program follows the implementation of the virtual visit, virtual care delivery system, virtual critical care and virtual patient observation programs.