Macon-Bibb County Transit Authority Adds to Fleet Two New Flyer Xcelsior XD 35 Buses Hit the Road

Staff Report

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

Two (2) 2020 Xcelsior XD35 buses begin service today. MTA Operations Manager JoAnn Lamb reports, “Initially, the new Xcelsiors will be placed on the following routes: Block 2 of North Highland and Ocmulgee Express.” 

Xcelsior is a line of New Flyer buses, (X) for Xcelsior; (D) for diesel; and 35 refers to the bus length. The buses weigh 24,500 lbs., hold 100 gallons of diesel fuel, and have a top road speed of 65 mph. Outfitted with Firestone tires and the latest safety equipment, they offer a front-mounted bicycle rack and can seat up to 31 passengers.  

However, during the COVID-19 pandemic all MTA buses currently operate with a maximum of 10 passengers. The new Xcelsiors are outfitted with a protective shield to separate the bus operator and riders.

We will continue to follow the science and monitor COVID-19 cases in Bibb County before increasing the number of riders on MTA buses and reopening the Transfer Station.

The buses were manufactured at the New Flyer plant in Anniston, Alabama in July and are equipped with the latest technology, including Parker Smart Suspension, which improves ride control and reduces swaying. The buses feature kneeling capability, meaning, when the bus stops, the driver can lower the bus to the curb making rider entry and exit much easier.  

MTA CEO Craig Ross says, “These new buses are part of MTA’s continuing effort to modernize our fleet. The innovative suspension provides a more comfortable ride, enhances safety, and caters to older riders, people with special needs, or those who require assistance while boarding or exiting.”