A-OK Portables & Waste Services Focuses on Retention

Wednesday, May 27th, 2020

As owners of Macon business A-OK Portables & Waste Services, Lee & Mark Insley recognize the importance of employee retention. “Retaining people and offering employees continual upward career mobility is one of the traits of a succesful business. Employee turnover is very expensive” Mrs. Lee Insley explains. Since A-OK opened its doors in 2007, the once small company has grown substantially, due in part to being able to retain employees. At first, space was created in the Insleys’ home to accommodate the business. In 2007 the business expanded to its current location at 7105 Hawkinsville Road. After acquiring Southern Equipment earlier this year, the company has again outgrown its space and will be moving to 7450 Hawkinsville Road. When they make this move, over 20 employees will make the move, and 6 of them were in the original home based business 13 years ago. “Growth is good. We look forward to our additional space” says Tori Dennis, a long term employee with A-OK.

Ms. Tori Dennis is one of the people who started when the business was home based. Recently, she was promoted to Solid Waste Division Manager. “I never expected to enjoy the business of solid waste at all, much less spend my career in the industry” Ms. Dennis says. “This business has prospered with long-term, hard working people. I am super stoked that I have found such a lovely work family” Ms. Dennis continued.

In her new role, Ms Dennis will be responsible for managing a constantly changing business. “Regulations change, equipment changes, manpower changes, the weather changes. The only constant in the solid waste business is that there is always MORE waste!” she says.

The A-OK Solid Waste Division offers a variety of sizes of Front Loaders, Open-Top Roll Off Containers, and Compactors. Ms. Dennis explains “ Different customers require different equipment. It’s exciting to work with people who are customer oriented. Many of our customers have been with us years and we know their names. As Solid Waste Division Manager I see opportunities to deliver superior service in waste disposal across Middle Georgia.” For further information contact Naomi Rosan, Business Development Coordinator, A-OK Portables & Waste Services, 7105 Hawkinsville Road, Macon GA 31216, 478-956-1525, 800-956-1525, naomi@aokportables.com.