Support Local Farmers with the Great Farm Takeout

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

Georgia Farm Bureau encourages people to support Georgia farmers by visiting farm markets on Tuesday, March 31 as part of the Great Farm Takeout.
Last week, thousands of people supported their local restaurant industry by participating in the Great American Takeout. This week, Georgia Farm Bureau encourages the public to support local farm markets by picking up some locally grown food to go. Some of the options available across farm markets right now include strawberries, freshly churned butter or ice cream, and sandwiches.
Many of the farms in GFB’s Certified Farm Market program are offering curbside service and online ordering. Many of the larger farm markets, which are open-air environments where social distancing can be easily observed, allow consumers to pick their own products. When you buy from a you-pick operation, the fruit goes directly from the earth to your plate.