F-15A Becomes Signature Aircraft at Museum of Aviation

Staff Report From Middle Georgia CEO

Monday, July 1st, 2019

About a year in the making, the F-15A aircraft that was on display in front of the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex headquarters building at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, has been undergoing repairs and refurbishment and having a new home prepared for it in front of the Museum of Aviation with prime visibility from Ga. Highway 247.

On June 27, that F-15A was placed at its final home.

The F-15A, which has been in front of the WR-ALC headquarters in building 215 since the early 1990s, was removed from its old pedestal and moved to the industrial area where it received an overhaul to prepare it for display at the museum. It received new landing hear to prepare it for mobility and had it old paint striped and replaced with new primer, paint and markings.

A special marking added to this aircraft is the tail flash. The F-15A sports an “RG” tail flash. In the 1980s, Robins had two F-15 aircraft assigned to the installation for test operations.

“While the F-15s were assigned here, their tail flashes were ‘RG’ for Robins, Georgia,” said Ken Emery, Museum of Aviation director. “So the Robins depot at one time had its own tail flash and we have elected to show that historical connection by putting it on this F-15 out front.”

After the F-15A was prepared for the museum, it was towed down Ga. Highway 247 to wait there until the new pedestal and foundation were in place for it in front of the museum.

Since being retired from service in 1991, the aircraft was placed on the Museum of Aviation’s artifact account with the National Museum of the Air Force for accountability purposes. The move of the F-15A from building 215 to the museum gives the aircraft more prominence.

“We are moving the aircraft to the museum to make it the signature aircraft seen from Ga. Highway 247 and will give it much better visibility,” said Emery. “We will also have better access to it for upkeep, periodic washing and repairs.”

Preparing, moving and placing the aircraft was not a simple feat. It took many moving parts to complete the task.

“The 402nd Aircraft Maintenance Group played the most crucial role in getting the aircraft down, moved painted and ready for its new location,” Emery said. “Civil Engineering from the 78th Air Base Wing helped with site development and engineering, and contracting from the Air Force Sustainment Center put the foundation and pedestal contracts in place. Of course, our own museum staff worked tirelessly to pull it all together to make it happen and our Museum of Aviation Foundation did their part with funding for the large cranes.”

With the F-15A in place now in front of the Museum of Aviation right next to Ga. Highway 247, all who visit this area of Middle Georgia will be able to enjoy the aircraft that is such a large part of the mission here at Robins, whether they stop by the museum to see the grounds or are driving by to another destination.