LG Casey Cagle Appoints Joint Study Commission on Low THC Medical Oil Access

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle announced appointments to the Joint Study Commission on Low THC Medical Oil Access, taking a significant step to ensure safe and reliable access for thousands of children and families suffering from serious illnesses. The commission – created by HB 65 and comprised of senators, representatives, and citizens – is charged with identifying solutions to offer all qualified patients in Georgia access to their prescribed cannabis oil medication. Cagle remains staunchly opposed to legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, but has consistently voiced his support for a high-performance health system that puts patients first, lowers costs, and increases access to quality care.

“It’s impossible to meet with families whose children struggle with paralyzing illnesses and not leave convinced that the state of Georgia must be a place where government doesn’t block medications proven to help patients,” Cagle said.

"I’ve been very clear – I’m 100% opposed to legalizing marijuana. However, I am fully committed to helping children, veterans, and all Georgians struggling with devastating health challenges. After consulting with physicians and experts, we passed this legislation to allow Georgia to design a safe, effective, legal system to provide patients reliable access to low THC medical cannabis oil.”

As Lt. Governor, Cagle supported legislation in 2015 (HB 1), 2017 (SB 16), and 2018 (HB 65) to offer patients with debilitating conditions greater access to potentially life-changing low THC cannabis oil. This year, Cagle led an expansion of the program to afford more patients safe access to this medication. In addition to improving patient access, the commission will determine best practices for acquiring and manufacturing medical cannabis oil, ensuring that treatments distributed in Georgia are secured, quality-tested, and dispensed by trained professionals to patients and caregivers properly registered in our state.

“I want what’s best for Georgia's families statewide. If my sons – or grandchildren – were suffering from a serious medical condition, I'd want every possible solution to be available,” said Cagle.

Lt. Governor Cagle has appointed the following members to the Joint Study Commission on Low THC Medical Oil Access: Senator Matt Brass (Co-Chair), Senator Ben Watson, Senator Butch Miller, Sheriff James Woodruff, and Dale Jackson.

“I am honored to be chosen by Lt. Governor Cagle to serve on the medical cannabis commission. As a parent of a child who depends on safe access to medical cannabis, I look forward to finding solutions so that all eligible Georgians may have access within our own state,” said Dale Jackson, dad to Colin Jackson with severe autism.

“For Georgians struggling with debilitating illnesses, access to medical cannabis oil can be the difference that allows them to live a full life,” said Senator Matt Brass, Co-Chair. “The commission’s work in expanding access to low THC medical cannabis oil will improve the quality of life for our state's patients. Thanks to Lt. Governor Cagle’s leadership and the work of so many advocates and parents from communities across our state, Georgia is answering the call to provide patients access to every possible treatment to improve their lives.”

“With the passage of HB 65, our state is embracing physician-backed treatments for the severe illnesses that Georgians struggle with every day,” said Senator Ben Watson. “I applaud Lt. Governor Cagle’s commitment to bringing affordable, quality care to all Georgians - especially those who suffer the most. I’m confident that this commission will introduce real solutions for our state, and I look forward to working with such a dedicated group of leaders to safely expand access to low THC medical cannabis oil.”