15,000 Flint Energies Members Restored Overnight, 16,500 Still Out

Staff Report

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Nearly 15,000 members had power restored since 9 pm last night in the Flint Energies service area. “Restoration crews worked all night to restore power,” said Chief Operating Officer Ty Diamond. “Flint will be reinforced with massive numbers of new workers from North Carolina, Missouri and Kentucky on Tuesday and Wednesday.”

Flint’s phone system at 1-888-354-6836 has been overwhelmed due to the phone volume, but the cooperative is asking members to patiently try their call again. The system works by matching the members’ caller ID number with the phone number in the Flint billing database. If the match does not occur automatically, the system will ask an agent to confirm the outage location. Members can also use the Flint Energies app on their smart phone to report an outage (Some Android versions not available.)

You can also report your outage at www.flintenergies.com

There are more than 300 individual and smaller outages around the system. Here is a review of the current Flint circuit outages where hundreds are out of power:

In Houston County:

South Warner Robins Russell Parkway and south on Wellborn Road

Clinchfield Hwy 341 North to Arena Road to Hwy 127

Hwy 127 to Langston Rd Hwy 41 North to 41 Cir / N on Lake Joy

Centerville North Houston Lake Rd, Thompson Rd, Dunbar Rd

North on Moody from 96 and into Feagin Mill

East on Bear Branch

Leverett Rd, Hatcher and Elaine Dr

North Kimberly, Littlejohn, North Houston Rd

Waterford and Bonaire Middle School 

In Macon County:

Highway 26 west to Mennonite Restaurant

Oglethorpe Hwy 128 N, Hwy 49 to International Paper

In Taylor County:

Charing Hwy 90 to Mauk/ Currington Rd / Rustin Rd / Lake Rd

Galliard and N. on Hwy 128 to Roberta, Hwy 128 to Crowell

Galliard into Peach and Hwy 341

Rupert and Tazewell

Crowell Church Rd 

In Crawford County:

Highway 96 East on Hwy 96 into Bonaire (Houston)

Fort Valley Hwy 341 out to Roberta along with Arriscraft

South of Roberta 

In Peach County:

Gunn Road North out of station cross country to Peavy Rd, East on White Rd

East to Hwy 96 and to Hwy 49

Fort Valley bypass

In Talbot County:

Geneva and Talbotton

Flint also has outages on post at Fort Benning.

In an effort to get the greatest number of homes back on as soon as possible, service to critical needs (hospitals, water and sewer, emergency operations), substations, primary lines, and then secondary lines will be handled in this priority by the crews. Then the attention focuses on individual services. As part of its emergency plan, Flint Energies provides updates to all local media and our social media outlets. 

Options for Medical Priority Patients

Flint Energies cannot assure that electric power will always be available. If a member depends on life support, and the loss of electricity affects these life support systems, they must have a back-up plan. Flint will give critical care members priority when it begins restoring power at the tap-line and individual home stage of the restoration process. But this stage may not begin until three or four days have passed after a major storm. Caregivers of in-home critical care patients should always have an evacuation plan or a plan for how to handle extended outages in the event of a natural disaster or severe storm.