Navicent Health Recognizes EMS for Lives Saved

Staff Report From Middle Georgia CEO

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

Navicent Health has recognized 35 members of Navicent Health Emergency Medical Services for actions in the field that have led to saved lives. Administrators recently presented the 35 first responders with Save Awards to recognize the high quality care provided in the field that made critical differences in the lives of 61 people.
“Whenever a call comes, whether minor or life-threatening, our personnel spring into action and provide immediate care in the field. Once patient care is transferred to an emergency center, the call ends for the crew and they return to service to answer the next call. They rarely know the patient’s outcome. The Save Awards not only recognize the exceptional life-saving care these employees have provided to so many patients, but also remind them that they are making a difference,” said Tony Brown, interim Director for Navicent Health EMS.
“The immediate care emergency responders provide in the field makes a critical difference in the lives of many patients. Our trauma team depends on first responders to begin care and sustain life. We are so proud of the exemplary work taking place at Navicent Health EMS,” said Dennis W. Ashley, MD, Director of Trauma Services and Critical Care for The Medical Center, Navicent Health.
Employees were recognized for care rendered May 2016 – July 2017 in one of three categories – Medical Saves (56 lives saved), Pediatric Saves (2 lives saved) and ST Segment Myocardial Infraction Saves (3 lives saved).
“Our employees are very dedicated to the citizens we serve and this is our way of not only letting them know that their work is appreciated, but it also gives them an update on the individual patient’s outcome,” said Kevin Milton, EMS Training Coordinator for Navicent Health.