Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard Elected President of GMA

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard was elected president of the Georgia Municipal Association during the association’s annual meeting in Savannah on June 25. She is the first official from the city of Albany to serve as president of the association in 72 years.  

Hubbard is the first female mayor of Albany. She began her political career in 2005 when she was appointed by Gov. Sonny Perdue to fill the Ward 2 Albany City Commission seat, from there she served for six years until her election as mayor in 2011.  

Over the past eight years, Hubbard has strived to ensure residents experience the city’s motto “Good Life City,” by implementing various programs including a slum and blight removal program to maintain a clean community, and the installation of a geographic information system to enhance public safety.  

Under Hubbard’s leadership, residents and visitors now enjoy an environmentally friendly update to the Albany Transit bus fleet from the use of diesel to compressed natural gas; increased citizen engagement and awareness through the Mayor’s Coalition for Economic Development; the new Broad Street Bridge; a beautiful riverfront; and the Albany Green Energy biomass plant, which will provide all of the steam needs for Proctor and Gamble’s largest U.S. facility. The city is also developing its downtown with the introduction of a microbrewery and upscale residential lofts. Known throughout the state as a life-long educator, Hubbard served as the president of the Georgia Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. She’s also served the Southern Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, the University System of Georgia, the National Thurgood Marshall Advisory Board and several boards at Albany State University.  

Mayor Hubbard is an active leader of GMA. She was a member of the association’s Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and the association’s Member Services Advisory Council. She was also the chair of GMA’s Federal Policy Council, the Legislative Policy Council and the Municipal Training Board.  

“Mayor Hubbard has made a tremendous impact on the association and our members,” said GMA Executive Director Lamar Norton. “Her passion and extensive experience in education helped take the Municipal Training Board to the next level, which improved the way city officials serve statewide.”  

In her acceptance speech, Hubbard applauded the more than 2,000 convention attendees for their stewardship of their hometowns and also urged each of them to stay informed on the many changes that will happen across Georgia in the near.  

“If recent history is any indication, we’ll have between 400 and 500 new city elected officials attending next year’s Newly Elected Officials Training,” she said. “Regardless of the changes that will affect our communities, state and our association over the coming months, the fundamental work of GMA will remain the same—to effectively advocate on behalf of, and provide services to, Georgia’s cities and towns.”  

She continued by emphasizing her familiar saying: “I love it when a plan comes together!” and highlighting the importance of a quality leader, successful planning and how GMA is working to attain goals for the betterment of its membership.  

“Today, let me assure you that the elected leadership and staff of GMA believes in something more than the ‘ideal’ of developing a plan,” Hubbard said. “We believe that a well thought-out and implemented course of action is required for us to deliver on any goal we set for ourselves.”