First Quarter Proves to be Most Productive in DotCom Marketing History

Staff Report From Middle Georgia CEO

Friday, May 19th, 2017

DotCom Marketing, one of Georgia’s most promising promotional marketing firms, shattered records in the first quarter taking over an unprecedented and progressive piece of Georgia real estate.

Headquartered in Macon, Georgia, DotCom Marketing’s vast reach stretches from Savannah, through Macon, Albany and Valdosta, covering nearly the entire central Georgia region.

The now vast and thriving firm began to flourish in February this year as the executive team realigned their annual goals.

Director of Operations, Alex Inman explains, “We had an incredible amount of success in Macon. We were the top-performing firm in the South several times in the first two months of the year. Our consistency in Macon got the wheels spinning for our executive team. How were we going to prove that we could be profitable on a larger scale?”

Alex says the team moved quickly, rolling out extensive road trip initiatives to drive team focus on a broader scale.

“We had associates on road trips to Albany, Savannah and surrounding cities on a weekly basis,” says Alex. “Our team began producing record numbers, tripling previous production seen in the areas. We earned the trust of our client’s nearly over night and ran with the opportunity.”

Because of the unprecedented success derived from DotCom Marketing’s initiatives, the company now manages 23 locations across the central Georgia region.

The territory expansion is far from the only business aspect flourishing for Alex and the Dotcom team, however.

DotCom Marketing recently announced plans to expand twice before June. What this means for the associates of the company, is the possibility for promotion. With each expansion initiative, comes the opportunity for one or more of the DotCom Marketing associates to step into an Assistant Director or Director role.

Furthering the line of opportunity and coinciding with the company’s recently released plans, Alex and the executive team for DotCom opened their doors for new, entry level associates.

“We are currently seeking individuals who can bring a fresh and exciting perspective to our marketing force,” says Alex. “We are willing to provide an extensive paid-training initiative if we can find the right individuals.”