Xero Launches New Payroll System to Help Small Businesses in Georgia

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Thursday, April 7th, 2016

Cloud accounting software company, Xero, released Payroll for the state of Georgia, taking the number of states serviced directly in the small business platform to 21.
By building a seamless online accounting platform that incorporates payroll, data flows seamlessly between the two functions meaning books and business financials are kept up-to-date and the amount of data entry required is slashed.
Discussing the release, Xero Partner John Ray from Ray Business Advisors & Bookkeeping Express of Greater Atlanta, said having tailored payroll software in the state of Georgia will provide accountants in the region a more efficient way to manage payroll.
“Having payroll directly integrated on the same platform as your accounting solution simplifies the life of a small business owner,” Ray said.
“Working in the cloud, on the same ledger and using the same set of data, also opens up a direct line of communication between a small business owner and their advisor.
“The simplicity of having all the information in one place cuts out the need for many manual processes, enabling small business owners to get on with running their operations and leaving the numbers to their accountant.”
Employees in Georgia can now be paid through Xero
All the payroll calculations are taken care of automatically so small business owners can pay their employees through direct deposit or with instant paychecks. And timesheets are included at no extra cost for all employees.
Detailed reports are also available to help you keep track of your company’s payroll information. Employees can even enter their own timesheets, and view time off and pay history through their own employee app.
“Over 150,000 small businesses in Georgia employ at least one employee – and Xero is truly excited to provide an accounting and payroll solution that will not only make running their business much easier but also make them much more efficient,” Xero’s U.S. President, Russ Fujioka said.
The platform is also set up to remind small business owners when they have to file and pay payroll taxes so they don’t miss deadlines. Xero will soon support electronic filing and payments for your payroll tax.
More states coming soon
With more than 600,000 subscribers now using Xero, we’ve been busy building out payroll functionality across the U.S.. Xero Payroll is now up and running in California, Texas and New York State, as well as 18 more states. Many also include e-filing capabilities.
“With the release of Georgia, Xero now support 21 states – which allows us to provide payroll support to over 60% of the US small business population. This release is also a great milestone as we are well on our way of bringing payroll support to all 50 states,” Fujioka said.