Middle Georgia Company Expands Operations into Latin America

Staff Report

Wednesday, October 7th, 2020

Skullz Inc., a company that provides outstanding quality gear for gamers and produces the best gear for teams, organizations and affiliates in the gaming and eports industry, is expanding into Latin America. Skullz is based in Middle Georgia.

Recently, the company partnered with the most important LATAM team, Isurus, to dress gamers and esports professionals by providing top-level gaming gear. 

Skullz is providing the official team gear for Isurus, as well as the best eCommerce shop solution in all esports. Team Isurus is the largest esports club in the Latin American region. Players compete in the best level of League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Fortnite and Fighting Games.

“As we expand our global reach, our partnership with Isurus is instrumental in establishing distribution throughout all of South, Central, and North America,” says Wes Byrd, CEO of Skullz. “We will have distribution centers located in Mexico and Brazil to help with fulfillment of orders in these regions, with future plans on distribution in Europe and Australia as well.”

In turn, Isurus is expanding their market into North America. Incredibly designed items such as the Pro Jersey, Pro Jacket, Pro Pants, and much more are now available.

In acquiring high quality esports gear online, customers have access to the best esports gear worldwide: https://isurus.skullz.com/