CGTC and MetroPower Form Apprenticeship

Staff Report From Middle Georgia CEO

Monday, February 3rd, 2020

Leadership from Central Georgia Technical College (CGTC) and MetroPower, a premier electrical contractor in Macon, recently signed an agreement to provide access for apprentices to gain college credit under the company’s registered apprenticeship program.

Registered Apprenticeship is a nation-wide training system that produces highly-skilled workers to meet the demands of a skilled American workforce; a unique, flexible system combines job-related technical instruction with structured on-the-job learning experiences.

CGTC is a Registered Apprenticeship Sponsor with the Georgia Department of Labor, and through its Office of Academic Affairs and Division of Economic Development, regularly works with local industry to create apprenticeship opportunities.

“It is really nice to have an industry partner that is forward-leaning,” said Michael Engel, dean of Aerospace, Trade and Industry at CGTC. “MetroPower’s willingness to pursue this agreement and see it through to today is greatly appreciated.”

Engel signed the agreement alongside CGTC vice president for Academic Affairs, Dr. Amy Holloway, and MetroPower’s Apprenticeship Program manager, Jessica Miller.

MetroPower has been a trusted industry partner with CGTC for several years, aiding in the aligning of work-based curriculum for the program.

Engel said educational and job experience happening together solidifies what the two partners have been working on for some time.

Apprentices can earn college credit that can be applied toward the attainment of an Electrical Systems Construction & Maintenance diploma and a Certificate of Completion from the Georgia Department of Labor.

The diploma program provides instruction in the inspection, maintenance, installation, and repair of electrical systems in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. Forty-four credit hours are needed for completion.