Navicent Health Announces Collaboration with the Georgia Institute of Technology

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

Navicent Health’s Center for Disruption & Innovation is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center and its Health Technology (HealthTech) Program. The effort will improve the health and lives of patients in central and south Georgia through the development of new technologies, treatments, and care created by healthcare technology-oriented companies based in the state.

ATDC, the state of Georgia’s technology incubator, launched its HealthTech Program in July 2018. At present, ATDC has more than 40 startups in its HealthTech portfolio, each focused on innovative solutions across a broad number of sectors including population health, caregiver support, patient billing, precision medicine, genomics, medical devices, diagnostics, data analytics, and process improvements in drug research. CfDI will work with ATDC to facilitate access to a clinical community for startups that are transforming healthcare.

“Navicent Health is committed to innovation and creating a wide range of solutions, including high-performing health technologies, to improve patient care not only in central and south Georgia, but industry-wide,” said Christopher M. Cornue, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Innovation Officer for Navicent Health. “Working with ATDC, we enhance our ability to deliver innovative, consumer-focused health services through technology to improve patient satisfaction, healthcare outcomes and therefore be better able to create healthier communities.”

Through this collaboration Navicent Health will serve as ATDC’s healthcare facility partner and provide resources for startups in the ATDC HealthTech portfolio. Navicent and ATDC seek positive economic impact in central Georgia. Additionally, they want to contribute to the state economy by supporting the growth and development new startups, with a broader goal of assisting and promoting the acceleration of healthcare startups across the Southeast.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us to work with a premier health organization to drive innovation and commercialization of healthcare technologies that will not only help entrepreneurs in Georgia, but help healthcare systems across the United States in their drive to deliver superior and cost-effective patient care, cut waste, increase access, and improve outcomes,” said Kirk Barnes, ATDC’s HealthTech catalyst and who leads this initiative. “We’re looking forward to seeing the successes this relationship with Navicent Health will yield.”

Founded in 2015, CfDI has become a proven and valuable testing ground for novel clinical approaches to elevate community health while leveraging disruptive technologies designed to engage consumers in meaningful ways. Specifically, ATDC startups selected to collaborate with CfDI will receive:

  • A standard curriculum for conducting “proof of concept” studies along with support tools to understand how to engage future health systems
  • Direct clinical exposure to discover how customers will engage with their product
  • The co-development and joint commercialization of new products that may be introduced to the market with a well-established health system partner.