Macon Chamber of Commerce Relocating to New Offices to be Part of Growing Business Community Downtown

Staff Report From Middle Georgia CEO

Thursday, March 8th, 2018

The Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce announced on Wednesday, March 7 it will be moving offices to 400 Poplar Street, a space they will be leasing from the Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority. The move is so the Chamber can be closer to our partners in community enhancement and economic development.

“If we’re going to be advocates for businesses in Macon, then we need to be where they are…we need to be their neighbors,” says Chamber President and CEO Mike Dyer. “Whether we’re helping mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs, supporting current businesses as they grow, or working to bring new businesses to our community, Downtown offers us a unique opportunity to coordinate the efforts of businesses and professionals for the advancement and development of our community.”

“Businesses open up where the people are, and our offices need to be where the businesses are,” says Robbie Fountain, Chair of the Industrial Authority, which moved Downtown in 2015 as one way to help recruit industry to the area. “We want to welcome our economic development partner to the heart of our business community, a place where you can find almost any service a company may need, as well as a supportive community of small and local business owners.

“This is very exciting for the business industry in Macon-Bibb County! The Chamber of Commerce will soon be right in the midst of our revitalizing downtown, where new businesses are regularly opening,” Mayor Robert Reichert said about the Chamber’s planned move. “Being physically part of this growth will make them better able to support businesses and help them grow.”

This is another positive step in the strengthening partnership between the Chamber of Commerce and Industrial Authority as they work together to improve Macon-Bibb County through economic development, from small businesses of several employees to multi-national companies with hundreds of employees. The Chamber will evaluate how its current building located near the Centreplex can best be used in the future, once the move is complete.